About #RideForVote

Castrol Activ and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd bring you a unique initiative – #RideForVote towards #NonStopDemocracy, encouraging bikers across India as responsible citizens to join in and try to help people going to vote in the upcoming General Elections 2019

What is #RideForVote about?

“Today’s youth is self-aware and responsible. This campaign is our salute to the youth who want to make a difference to society and are driving this positive change. In this journey, we hope that Castrol Activ will be their trusted partner” – Kedar Apte, Vice President – Marketing, Castrol India

#RideForVote is an initiative to try and bring together bikers and voters across India through a common pledge, made through a missed call given on the number 8925-004-004 or through the website www.nonstopdemocracy.com

With the pledge, the bikers showcase their intent to Give a Ride and Help Cast a Vote on the day of election in their city. They will try to take another voter along with them as a pillion while going to cast their vote.

Some biker groups and volunteers in Gurgaon, Mumbai, and Vizag have already registered to provide their support and pledged to take people along to voting booths and back. People looking for a ride in these three cities may find their bike partner in the ‘Find My Ride’ section of this website.

Join us in this endeavor towards #NonStopDemocracy.

Pledge to Give a Ride and Help Cast a Vote.